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Meet The Gang

Anybody can smoke. Chiefing is a lifestyle.

Chiefah gang; what can we say. chiefah gang is definitely more than just the amazing music and quality merch. Cheifah gang is a lifestyle an Empire! the original chiefah gang [ Che'f' nesse/ P.Chiefah / Bankroll buck / ant tha great ] range from the ages 26-27; Coming from florida and California.The gang met in culinary school and soon discovered they shared a lot of common interests. aside from their common passion in being a positive outlook towards cannabis. Chiefah gang aspires to shine a light on the cannabis industry "everyone feels like oh he smokes weed he lazy he cant do none, what about the use of cannabis being used to cure sicknesses or it even being a mood stabilizer just cause someone smokes weed it doesnt limit their productivity or success rate in life 9/10 a cannabis user can execute the job ten times better than the 'sober' person" - che'f' nesse. The gang aspires to completely erase the stigmas around the use of marijuana and bring the  positive realization towards it. apart from their personal aspirations and goals in life the gang aspires to take over the world let their music touch and change lives and continue to motivate individuals anything is possible. chiefah gang is a strong believer in never coming up with excuses, no matter what continue to thrive and push thru the inevitable .

2B160062-95EF-44E2-95E9-F2616945A879 (1)_edited.jpg

Singles Out

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